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Okami - Shinshu Field


Okami: Fusehime by BlackStar1925

Track Name: "Reset"
Played: 210 times

[music box version]

Track Name: "Playing with Thunder"
Played: 150 times
Artist: Masami Ueda
Track Name: "Red Helmet's Extermination"
Played: 174 times
Artist: Fyre
Track Name: "Reset"
Played: 108 times

Reset (English) - Fyre


The Sun Gods of Time by chutkat


Swimming Ammy by Aunumwolf42

I recently got the Paint Tool Sai 30 day trial program and started messing with that, I thought the best way to test it out would be to make some Okami fanart! Woot!
I have to say so far I do really like the program but you definitely get the best results when you use some Photoshop elements. 


Okami © Capcom
Art© -Aunumwolf42


You did it Cry! And I’m so god damn proud of you.

Thank you for continue playing Okami. Some People said it’s “boring” or “it takes so long”. But you didn’t stop playing it, thank you. It’s a beautiful game and you gave it a chance. I’m happy you didn’t quit it [: Because it is one of my favourite games, it really needs more love.

Sad that it’s already over. But I enjoyed every part of it.



new okami print, (replacing my older one) find it at fan expo!